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Fall wedding season is in full swing!

On Saturdays throughout the fall months our team can usually be found either on location at the beautiful wedding venues throughout eastern North Carolina including Abilena Plantation, Neuse Breeze, The Dunes Club, Beaufort Boat House, Tryon Palace and lots of other gorgeous settings or in the salon where the energy is alive with bridal parties sharing their morning with us. Fall in eastern North Carolina is gorgeous. Temperatures start to drop and we notice a slight break in the humidity (thank God!). This past Saturday our team was a part of 3 different weddings! Yes, 3!

Wedding #1 Kari on location at The Aerie B&B
Downtown, New Bern
Hair: Laura   Makeup: Emilee

We began the morning bright & early at a beautiful room at the Aerie Bed & Breakfast in our beautiful downtown New Bern, just a block over from Tryon Palace. Kari the bride & her mother, future mother-in-law and future step-daughter welcomed us to a beautiful siting room in their suite where we set up for hair & makeup for Kari & her maid-of-honor. Our team has it down to a science now for traveling on location and improvising setting up in a new space. This was our first time on location at the Aerie & it we loved the ornate decor & antiques that gave the vibe a feeling of years past. It was quiet & Kari was able to relax & unwind before the day's events. We did a trial run on Kari when she was in town from Maryland a few months back to make sure the style she chose would be what she had in mind, especially with veil placement & a beautiful crystal headband she found on Etsy, so we were well prepared & new of any adjustments that we had discussed during her trial. She chose a curly formal style that was higher on her head with the veil placement underneath. The whole look with the headband & veil was stunning. Her makeup perfectly highlighted her natural beauty & gave her a polished wedding glam look. She looked drop dead gorgeous! We also have to mention how sweet Kari's fiance was during the planning process, we surprised her with the suite at The Aerie & was so wonderful to communicate with us any details we needed to be in on the surprise. We are so honored to be apart of this beautiful couples special day.

Wedding #2 Kimberly, in salon
Hair: Brooke, Holly & Laura
Makeup: Emilee

After finishing up with Kari we headed back to the salon for bridal party #2. Kimberly & the 7 ladies she asked to be a part of her bridal party definitely brought such fun energy to the salon. You could really tell these girls have amazing bonds with each other & it was super stress-free full of laughter & love! Kimberly also did a trial run with us a few months before her wedding while in town from Raleigh. She chose an elegant low formal style with volume in the crown. Her makeup was natural yet glowy, and like Kari also highlighted her naturally beauty perfectly. Her bridesmaids all mixed it up a little bit with different variations of up-dos for the big day. A few incorporated braids & they all agreed that having it up would be easier for the day's events & the 80 something degree weather we had on Saturday. We couldn't agree more with them. In fact, we usually recommend doing a formal style that is up off your neck and out of your face so that you don't have to worry throughout the day if your hair begins to frizz from humidity or cur falling out. We also love when brides let the bridesmaid choose a style that is best for their hair texture, length & thickness. It's sometimes hard to replicate the exact same style on different hair types. Although they will still look more uniform with everyone going with a style that is up, they each get to express themselves a little bit differently.

Wedding #3 Molly, in salon
Hair: Brooke  Makeup: Emilee

Our next bride came to us all the way from Pennsylvania for her wedding at the beautiful Isaac Taylor Garden that is conveniently right across Craven Street from the salon. Molly works as a florist in Pennsylvania, and her floral skills sure showed through the flower piece she created to wear in her hair. Due to the long distance Molly was unable to come in for a trial run for her hair & makeup but thanks to technology we were able to correspond through e-mail where she was able to send inspiration photos she found online so that our team could prepare for what she had in mind. Her inspiration photo was a low chignon type of style that was very romantic and not super structured. She originally planned to wear the flowers as a flower crown around her head but after placing it when the style was finished Molly & her stylist Brooke decided it would look better with the flowers at the top of the chignon. Boy oh boy was this a style for the books, it turned out absolutely breath-taking & the colors of the flowers perfectly complimented her hair color & the approaching fall season. Her makeup was soft & reflective of her garden wedding & enhanced her beautiful features.  

It is an honor for us to be a part of such a special day. We love the magic that happens when a bride has everyone she loves come together from all over the country to be in 1 room surrounding her with love & happiness. It truly is special to see the laughter, tears, hugs and memories created at Magnolia Jane on the morning of weddings. Our team works so well together & 3 brides in 1 day was nothing short of perfect because of the support, communication & preparation we put in to make sure that not 1 detail is left untouched. Your wedding day is just as special to us as it is to you and we thank you for allowing us to make memories with you on your big day!


Glowing wedding day skin

Your wedding day wouldn't be complete without glowing, healthy skin. The months leading up to your wedding bring a lot of excitement, but can sometimes also be a bit overwhelming, stressful and there might be a few sleepless nights added in there. Tulasara, meaning "moving towards balance" in Sanskrit, couldn't be a more perfect way to prepare for your big day!

Our team of beauty professionals have you covered with AVEDA's new Tulasara Wedding skincare, and it's super easy. Brighten, firm & repair the look of your skin as you SLEEP. Inspired by the Haldi ceremony from India, a pre-wedding tradition in which a homemade turmeric paste is applied to the bride and groom for glowing skin on their wedding day. The system includes a face masque & eye masque that are applied before bed and do their work while you sleep.


How does it work?

So what does the AVEDA Tulasara Wedding Masque Overnight do?
• Creates brighter, more radiant skin and helps to even the look of skin tone and diminish the look of dark spots over time. 
• Works during the night, a key time for skin’s natural repair, to smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles and give skin a firmer, more lifted look. 
• With continued nightly use, fortifies and strengthens skin’s protective lipid barrier, sealing in moisture. 
• curcuminoids, a potent extract from turmeric root, helps brighten skin and promote a more even looking skin tone over time. 
• organic apricot seed oil helps support skin’s natural repair processes that happen at night.
• tomato, potato and red raspberry plant stem cells help support skin’s natural repair processes. There are over 587,000 plant stem cells in each 50 ml jar. 
• dermatologist-tested and non-acnegenic
• suitable for all skin types
• tulasara™ means "moving toward balance™" in Sanskrit.

So what does AVEDA Tulasara Wedding Eye Masque Overnight do?
tulasara™ wedding masque eye overnight
Wake up to luminous, wedding-day eyes—every day with our 97% naturally-derived* ultra-rich creme masque. Eyes looks brighter overnight, and firmer over time. 
• wake up to brighter, more radiant eyes and diminish the appearance of dark circles and puffiness with continued nightly use. 
• works during the night, a key time for skin’s natural repair, to smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles and give skin a firmer, more lifted look.
• with continued nightly use, fortifies and strengthens skin’s protective lipid barrier, sealing in moisture. 
• inspired by the Haldi ceremony from India, a pre-wedding tradition in which a homemade turmeric paste is applied to the bride and groom for glowing skin on their wedding day. 
• curcuminoids, a potent extract from turmeric root, helps brighten skin and promote a more even looking skin tone over time. 
• a blend of algae extracts, licorice root extract and molasses extract help diminish the appearance of dark circles. 
• plant-derived caffeine helps reduce visible puffiness.
• sweet almond seed extract helps skin feel instantly tighter. 
• tomato, potato and red raspberry plant stem cells help support skin’s natural repair processes.
• dermatologist-tested and non-acnegenic
• tulasara™ means "moving toward balance™" in Sanskrit.


Let us help you have glowing, beautiful skin for your big day!
We recommend coming to our spa suite every 4-6 weeks for an AVEDA Tulasara facial that is customized to prepare your skin for your big day. Schedule your treatment online or give us a call!

Have questions regarding getting your skin in best wedding day condition? Give us a call or set up a complimentary skincare consultation online at or by calling us at (252)514-4867.

Finding Wedding Inspiration!

Wedding season is about to be in full swing at Magnolia Jane Salon & Spa, and we couldn't be more excited for our upcoming beautiful brides & their bridal parties that will grace New Bern and the surrounding areas. Our team enjoys being part of such a beautiful day, and after 2 years in business and more weddings than we can count, we have got it down to a science!

We find that some of our brides find it overwhelming to find the perfect inspiration for their wedding day hair & makeup look. We have comprised a list below of tips to take with you along your inspiration journey! Don't forget to also take into account the theme of your wedding & the formality, and we always have your back with any questions or ideas you want to share with us for feedback or collaboration!

Finding the perfect hair & makeup inspiration
This is after all one of the most important days of your life, and we know you want it to be as perfect as can be. Most brides head to sites like Pinterest, Google, or even Magnolia Jane's website for photos of inspiration for their wedding day style. Here's a few tips when searching for the perfect look:
1) Look for hair style photos with hair that is the same color or similar as your own. If your hair is dark brown and you are searching through blonde hair styles, they will look completely different. Also remember that darker hair without any dimension (highlights) do not show braids as well as lighter hair or hair with dimension. 
2) Look for hair styles that have the same density & texture as your own. If you have very fine, straight hair, searching through styles of very thick, voluminous hair may not be realistic without added extensions for thickness and/or fullness. Vice versa, if you have very thick & long hair, searching for styles where the bride has fine, limp hair will most likely not be suitable for you. 
3) The same goes with makeup looks. Search for makeup that is applied to skin-tones similar to your own, as well as the same eye color, cheek bone structure and all around the same "color palette" and undertones as yourself. If you need help with this, our esthetician will be glad to help you decide which colors are most complimentary for you.
3) Keep an open mind. This is why we always recommend coming to the salon for a formal run through to try out different styles and looks that you have in mind. You may be surprised that the look you thought you loved really isn't quite what you thought you wanted, and that's okay!
4) Pick a style & look that you will feel comfortable in. Take into account the time of year and the approximate weather for that time of year. We constantly hear feedback from bride's who we have tried to talk into doing an updo for their July wedding that wish they would have taken our advice and not worn their hair down. During hot & humid months, styles tend to be a little more stubborn to stay in place (especially if you plan on shaking your groove thing at the reception, which let's be honest, you probably will.)  If your hair does not hold curl, consider a more wavy or straight look. If your hair tends to be extra frizzy or unmanageable, you may want to consider a more natural, loose romantic look. 
5) We've saved the best for last! We recommend having your hair compliment your dress as well as the features you love the most about yourself. If you want to show off the stunning back of your dress, it may be best to wear your hair up so that attention is drawn to that area. If you have earrings that you adore, again, you may want to wear your hair away from your face to accent your jewelry. The same goes with different parts of your face that you love or that you wish to not accentuate as much. Having the style frame or lay at certain places can draw attention to or away from them. It is important to keep that in mind. 

All of these factors are why our team strongly recommend all of our brides to come in for a trial run of their style. We understand that lots of brides venture to eastern North Carolina for a destination wedding and are from out of town. If you have a stylist in your home town that you frequent, we recommend asking them to try a couple styles just to see what you like, or plan around a trip you have to the area to stop in and see us!

We understand that the stress of preparing for your big day may be a bit overwhelming; relax, take a deep breath. You will look absolutely beautiful as long as your expectations are realistic and you feel confident. We hope that you take these tips with you along your search for the perfect style, and we also encourage you to ask us questions, e-mail inspiration photos and always schedule your formal run-through well in advance. XO Cheers!

Welcome Aveda!

Magnolia Jane welcomes Aveda to downtown New Bern!

Our team at Magnolia Jane is proud to bring Aveda haircare products to our guests of New Bern and eastern North Carolina. When Magnolia Jane owner Laura McGovern attended the Aveda Institue in Charlotte, North Carolina, she instantly became inspired by their business model, support network and the sense of family she felt from the very beginning of her relationship with Aveda. Laura's sensitivity to products was soothed by the wonderful ingredients the plant based products are created from, and the aromas of invigorating essential oils eased her mind, creating an entire sensory journey she had never experienced. 
 If you are familiar with Aveda you will instantly be reminded of how wonderful they are as soon as you smell the refreshing aromas their products are known for.  
If you are not familiar with Aveda, allow us to proudly introduce to you to this incredible world. Horst Rechelbacher created Aveda in 1978, a pioneer in the world of holisitic beauty that adopted the belief that individual beauty is directly linked to the beaty of the world around us. Thus, Aveda has always had a strong passion for environmental responsibility and leadership. 
Aveda connects beauty, environment & wellbeing into an organically amazing relationship. The products contain pure essential oils, are alive with the life force of plants and are professionally developed, clinically tested, and go to exceptional lengths to respect our planet and our industry.
An overwhelming amount of guests have asked & begged us to bring Aveda products to them, and we listened. Aveda is only available in 3,500 salons across the United States and Magnolia Jane is beyond honored to be a part of the Aveda family. Not only do the products do exactly what they say but the company goes above and beyond to constantly protect our planet and those that live on it. We know you will love Aveda as much as we do and their long-standing reputation will continue to shine bright at Magnolia Jane. 

Welcome Emilee Adkins to New Bern & Magnolia Jane Salon!

Magnolia Jane Salon is thrilled to welcome our newest team member, Emilee Adkins! Emilee comes to New Bern from Tennessee and joins our team of makeup artists creating customized, stunning looks for your next special occasion or night out! Her favorite part of being a makeup artist? Helping her guest feel alive & beautiful in their own skin. With a friendly and welcoming personality, Emilee is easy to communicate with and will collaborate with you to create a look that is completely YOU. 
Welcome to New Bern & Magnolia Jane Salon, Emilee!


Emilee is by appointment only, please call the salon to schedule (252)-514-4867. 

Balayage in New Bern, North Carolina!

Balayage is a true art form in the hair industry. It involves hand painting color onto the hair to customize placement and accent different features of your face. Balayage is also used to create an ombre or sombre effect where the gradient of color changes from dark to light from root to end of the hair. This technique allows for less maintenance and gives the hair a softer more natural color palette. The balayage technique has been around for years and years and is really starting to penetrate the New Bern area as this trend does not seem to be going away any time soon! Check out our portfolio collection under the "collection" tab on the home screen to find photos of balayage/ombre work from our stylists at Magnolia Jane Salon of New Bern! If you have any questions about this technique, or wish to discuss with a stylist if balayage is for you, we offer complimentary consultations!  

Wedding Season!

Magnolia Jane Salon has had an amazing yet very busy time with weddings since the opening of the salon in November of 2014. New Bern is definitely evolving into a destination wedding spot with brides traveling from all over the country to enjoy the majestic settings of our town's beautiful backdrops including Tryon Palace, Abilena Mansion, The Isaac Taylor Garden, The Whitford Plantation, as well as several beautiful churches and other stunning venues. 
 It's not an easy task to take on, with some bridal parties totaling 10 plus people, but we must share that we absolutely love being a part of such a special day. Not only is Magnolia Jane Salon a beautiful backdrop for pictures with its' clean white walls adorned with crystal framed mirrors and a beautiful hanging chandelier located in the center of the salon, we offer a friendly, relaxed environment to begin one of the best days of your life! Not to mention, we are centrally located in the heart of downtown New Bern.

What goes into creating the perfect wedding day look?
Magnolia Jane Salon's owner, Laura McGovern, believes it is important to meet with brides in person, if they live locally, or speak with them in depth on the telephone or through e-mail to begin an open conversation with the bride about her expectations, desired wedding style as well go over in detail the services our team offers. The salon features an beautiful white antique table that Laura invites the bride to join her at to look over pictures for inspiration, discuss the desired services and create a personalized wedding glamour timeline.
 Some bride's enjoy having a run-through of hair and makeup before the big day to try different styles and looks as well as see the whole package together with their dress on (this sometimes helps with nervous jitters and is very calming to the bride before her wedding.) Laura recommends scheduling a formal trial-run the day of portraits, if the bride desires to have portraits taken prior to the wedding.
Magnolia Jane Salon's makeup  artists Ally Voshell & Ann Lane create a beautiful, customized look to enhance your natural beauty. Air brushing is an added option to create a flawless, smooth, picture perfect look. From dramatic smokey eyes to a natural sun kissed glow, our bridal looks are one-of-a-kind, show stopping gorgeous!

The Honor
It is an incredible honor to be a part of such an important day. Our team takes pride in knowing our work will be viewed in photos for many, many years passed down from generation to generation. Your wedding day is just as important to us, as it is to you. Magnolia Jane Salon is committed to providing a stress free, relaxed wedding glamour process by offering suggestions while also listening to your vision to create a look that is 100% you. We look forward to creating many more happy brides & sharing in such a joyous occasion!


February Newsletter!

Salon Grand Opening!
Join us in celebration of Magnolia Jane Salon's Grand Opening! Complimentary mini-services including brow shaping, hair styling & consultations! Anna Helvie from A Hopeful Balance joins us for relaxing chair massages, and Ally Voshell, our makeup expert, will be on-site for applications as well as a giving a few makeup tips! H'ordeuvres , drinks, music & mingling, as well as our ribbon cutting with The Chamber of Commerce! Come relax, meet our team of stylists & experience our beautiful salon!

Valentine's Day Pampering!
Valentine's Day is the perfect time to pamper those you love, and yourself! Magnolia Jane Salon's Valentine's Mani/Pedi combo is the perfect way to show your love!
Valentine's Day Rose Manicure & Pedicure
Begin soaking your feet in a detoxifying foot bath followed by nail maintenance, a rose-infused exfoliation, a hydrating masque with hot towels and a therapeutic massage of your legs and feet, focusing on the areas that carry the most stress and tension.
Next, your hands will be pampered with a rose manicure, including nail maintence, a rose-infused exfoliation with hot towels and a relaxing massage of your arms & hands. 
$59 for the combo
This is the perfect way to enjoy a glass of wine or hot tea, unwind, relax & be pampered! Drop the hint to your husband or wife that you want pampering from MJS for Valentine's Day, and don't forget to treat yourself!

New Bern's Heart Ball & Valentine's Day both fall on a Saturday this year! Complete your Valentine's Day look with a formal style or polished blowout! Appointments are filling up quickly, be sure to book ahead!

February Keratin Promotion!

You've probably heard all the buzz about Keratin treatments...but, what exactly is it?
Keratin treatments infuse natural keratin deep into hair’s cuticle. This revolutionary therapy reduces frizz and curl and instantly adds amazing shine, silkiness and condition to the hair. The results are astounding.Clients rave that “this is a life-changing experience”. Hair is more manageable, smoother and easier to style than ever before. It is perfect on all types of hair – including color treated and chemically processed hair!
You've read about it in fashion magazines, online & now it's time to experience this revolutionary treatment! During the month of February, receive a complimentary haircut with your Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment (A $40 value!)
Complete Original Smoothing Treatment: $300         Express Smoothing Treatment: $150

Winterizing Your Locks & Nails!

Eastern Carolina, as well as most of the country, has been hit with a strong arctic blast. It's important to insure you are taking proper care of your hair, nails & skin during the winter months.
As the air becomes cool & dry, our body can begin to experience changes. It's a great idea to run a humidifier in your bedroom during the night to keep moisture circulated in the air, and to help decrease dryness in your hair and skin. One of the worst feelings waking up in the morning is dried out eyes and cracking skin. Since I've had a humidifier in my bedroom, I've noticed an amazing change in the way my skin feels in the morning. Don't forget to use a great moisturizing lotion all over your body during the winter months as well!
It's extremely important to keep your hair nourished through the colder months. Consider a masque once a week to moisturize & replenish strength to your strands. We love Kenra's Nourishing Masque & Recovery Color Care Masque, after you shampoo, leave on 20 minutes, and voila, silky, smooth hair, like butta! Want a deeper conditioning? Try a Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment, designed to reduce frizz, stubborn curl & deliver the deepest dose of moisture & shine. Not to mention, it cuts your blow dry time in half & repels moisture! (Perfect for those rainy, dreary winter days!)
Brittle nails & cracked heels? Not only are MJS nail services relaxing, but they are vital to the integrity of your nails. We have a variety of manicures & pedicures to relieve cracking, dry heels and hands, and it's been said, Caslyn can relax even the most tense of people with her pedicures! 
As a new year has arrived, make a resolution to take better care of your hair, skin & nails, and most importantly, to set time aside each month to pamper yourself. If you find yourself nervous to try a new stylist, or a new look, we encourage you to book a complimentary consultation, to meet with a Magnolia Jane stylist in a relaxed setting to discuss possible styles, products or to ask any questions you may have!

It's the most wonderful time of the time!

My favorite time of year is here! I love the glitz, lights & cheerfulness that is in the airr! Holiday season brings with it lots of photo opportunities as well as parties and gatherings with family and friends. At the beginning of November, my bff Mary came to New Bern from NYC to help me unpack countless boxes, design brochures, set up an inventory system & do lots of salon shopping. While she was here, we decided to take an hour to  play with her hair and try out different styles. I was going through the pictures yesterday and came across a few that would be perfect for holiday parties! Whether it be a low-key family function or a formal ball, these styles are sure to be the finishing touch to your look.
Braids are still all the rage, especially a messy fish-tail braid off to the side as well as messy or structured buns! Have fun with your hair this time of year and experiment with different styles!
When I lived and worked in Charlotte, one of the most popular services in the salon was a blow out. All major cities have embraced this trend, and there are even select salons that are dedicated only to blowouts. What's a blow out? A blowout is done using a blow dryer, select styling products & the proper brush needed to create your style. This is great to do on your lunch hour or before going out with friends or for a date night.
PUT. DOWN. THE. FLAT. IRON. Effortless, smooth, volumized hair can be accomplished by using the proper brush and styling products. A highly skilled stylist can deliver a smooth blowout to clients with even the curliest hair, only using a flat iron to touch up around your face! A blowout is a great way to jazz up your holiday look without going overboard!