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Beat Winter Skin: Post 3

The third and final post on our month of dry skin remedies courtesy of AVEDA. These on and off days teasing us with warmer spring days does have me feeling like there is hope again for my dry skin, but until then I will continue to fight back with moisturizing products! Let's discuss the difference between rich vs. soft

They both increase moisture instantly and help your skin retain it for 24 hours, with vital plant energy that stimulates hydration, helping recharge your skin cells—to power skin's natural moisture system. Dermatologist-tested. Non-acnegenic. To use you smooth onto face, neck and décolleté a.m. and p.m.

The main difference between the two products is the Rich is for those with dry to very dry skin and the Soft is for those with normal to all skin types. Maybe you have very dry patches on your skin but you feel that the rich creme on your T-zone could be too heavy; you can use it as a spot moisturizer. I tend to use more moisturizer on the outside of my mouth and cheeks as those are usually my dryer areas and just use a little on my forehead and nose where I am more oily. 

The best part is you can tailor all these products to how they work best for you!