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An AVEDA & Organic Pure Care salon located in the heart of downtown New Bern

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Welcome Aveda!

Magnolia Jane welcomes Aveda to downtown New Bern!

Our team at Magnolia Jane is proud to bring Aveda haircare products to our guests of New Bern and eastern North Carolina. When Magnolia Jane owner Laura McGovern attended the Aveda Institue in Charlotte, North Carolina, she instantly became inspired by their business model, support network and the sense of family she felt from the very beginning of her relationship with Aveda. Laura's sensitivity to products was soothed by the wonderful ingredients the plant based products are created from, and the aromas of invigorating essential oils eased her mind, creating an entire sensory journey she had never experienced. 
 If you are familiar with Aveda you will instantly be reminded of how wonderful they are as soon as you smell the refreshing aromas their products are known for.  
If you are not familiar with Aveda, allow us to proudly introduce to you to this incredible world. Horst Rechelbacher created Aveda in 1978, a pioneer in the world of holisitic beauty that adopted the belief that individual beauty is directly linked to the beaty of the world around us. Thus, Aveda has always had a strong passion for environmental responsibility and leadership. 
Aveda connects beauty, environment & wellbeing into an organically amazing relationship. The products contain pure essential oils, are alive with the life force of plants and are professionally developed, clinically tested, and go to exceptional lengths to respect our planet and our industry.
An overwhelming amount of guests have asked & begged us to bring Aveda products to them, and we listened. Aveda is only available in 3,500 salons across the United States and Magnolia Jane is beyond honored to be a part of the Aveda family. Not only do the products do exactly what they say but the company goes above and beyond to constantly protect our planet and those that live on it. We know you will love Aveda as much as we do and their long-standing reputation will continue to shine bright at Magnolia Jane. 

Balayage in New Bern, North Carolina!

Balayage is a true art form in the hair industry. It involves hand painting color onto the hair to customize placement and accent different features of your face. Balayage is also used to create an ombre or sombre effect where the gradient of color changes from dark to light from root to end of the hair. This technique allows for less maintenance and gives the hair a softer more natural color palette. The balayage technique has been around for years and years and is really starting to penetrate the New Bern area as this trend does not seem to be going away any time soon! Check out our portfolio collection under the "collection" tab on the home screen to find photos of balayage/ombre work from our stylists at Magnolia Jane Salon of New Bern! If you have any questions about this technique, or wish to discuss with a stylist if balayage is for you, we offer complimentary consultations!