Magnolia Jane Salon

An AVEDA & Organic Pure Care salon located in the heart of downtown New Bern

Below are descriptions of hair color services that our stylists offer to help you select the service that matches the end result you are seeking. 

What is a Permanent Hair Color?
Permanent hair color is able to both lift and deposit at the same time with the ability to lighten up to four levels. Hi-lift permanent color can lighten to around 6 levels depending on your hair's texture and condition. Permanent color works by opening your hair's cuticle and depositing the pigment into the hair. When covering gray color, most times a permanent color will be used. Although they are called "permanent", these colors still fade over time (staying true for about 4-6 weeks) because of hair washing, being in the sun or pool, styling, etc. Red, copper, and fashion tones do fade a bit faster than other colors.
Permanent color is able to darken previously colored hair but it is not able to lighten previously colored hair. Only lighteners such as bleach are able to make color-treated hair lighter.

What is a Demi Permanent Hair Color?
Demi-permanent hair color is only able to darken or change the tone of the hair, it cannot lighten.. Even though it has peroxide, it does NOT lighten the hair; it only darkens and changes the tone. It can be used on a variety of different hair types when lightening is not required. The color will gently fade over about 4-6 weeks.

What is a Toner?
Sometimes our stylists uses toners, also called glazes, when they want to change the tone of highlights, making them cooler, warmer or more natural. They are also used to refresh previous color on your ends that has grown out or to add shine if needed.

What is the difference between highlights & lowlights?
Stylists utilize highlights and lowlights in the hair to add dimension or accent to the hair with different colors. They can also be used for guests that do not want to completely cover their gray for a less maintenance approach of blending, or they can be used with an all over hair color. When added lighter pieces to the hair, it is highlighting. When added darker pieces to the hair it is lowlighting. Our stylists may use traditional foiling techniques or the french technique of balayage to highlight and lowlight.

What is Balayage
Balayage is a french technique that refers to hand-painting color onto the hair. There is a variety of different ways to perform balayage but it allows the stylist to customize placement giving their guests a one-of-a-kind look that is tailored to them. The stylist will use a brush to apply the color in a sweeping motion to the hair. Foil, cotton or mesh may also be used in the process. Balayage is ideal for guests that are seeking a more natural, lived in color.

What is New Growth?
New growth refers to your natural color that is grown in between your color appointments. Some guests refer to it as their "roots". 

What role does tone play in coloring my hair?
Your stylist may ask you about the preference you have in tone when it comes to your hair color. Think of cool tones as ash, beige or even "icy"; warm tones as more golden, maybe a little bit of copper of the colors you see in a sunset; neutral tones live between cool and warm, they are balanced.