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An AVEDA salon & spa located in the heart of downtown New Bern

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 Magnolia Jane Salon services are tailored to each guest's desired vision and may require varying techniques & products.Our prices are baseline & may change according to hair density, product used as well as time, technique or the stylist that you see. We strongly recommend a complimentary consultation to discuss your vision as well as time & cost commitments.
*Please be advised that services with Magnolia Jane's owner are at a different price point. Thank you. 


Magnolia Blowout  30+
 Enjoy shampoo & conditioning, a relaxing scalp massage  followed by the blowout style of your choice
Formal Blowout  40+
 Enjoy shampoo & conditioning, a relaxing scalp massage, followed by the blowout of your choice with curling or straightening to give a more formal feel.
Formal Styling 55+
 Curling, pinning, braiding, the choice is yours! Great for formal events, date nights or prom!
Extensions price based upon consultation
Extension pricing can be provided through a consultation to determine the desired length, density & overall look.

Women's Haircut 45+   Haircuts with salon owner 60
 Your haircut experience begins with a thorough consultation with your stylist, shampoo & conditioning with a scalp massage, followed by your desired styling.
Men's Haircut 22+    Men's haircut with salon owner 40
Child's Haircut age 5-10 $20+
Child/Teen Haircut age 10-15 $25+
Bang Trim  complimentary

For frequently asked questions about hair color please click here!

Our color prices include a haircut or trim, shampoo & conditioning, a relaxing scalp massage & blowout
New-Growth Retouch 90+
 This service covers where your previous color service has grown out, at the root area.
Single Process Application 95+
 This service is coloring all of your hair one color.
Partial Highlighting 85+
 Highlights are placed throughout the top portion of your head. A glaze may be necessary**
Full Highlighting 110+
 Highlights are placed all throughout the head from the nape of the neck to the front hairline. A glaze may be necessary.**
Balayage Color Technique price based upon consultation
 Balayage is a French Technique that involves hand painting color into the hair. This includes the ombre/sombre trend.
Glazing 55+
  A glaze is demi-permanent color and less commitment as it fades out instead of growing out.                                                   
Color Correction price based upon consultation
 Most color correction cases are guests that have very dark colored hair and wish to go light, and vice versa. It is a complete color transformation and may take more than one visit to the salon to achieve the desired results. A consultation is mandatory prior to your service.
Add New-Growth Retouch 20+
A new growth retouch may need to be added to your highlighting service to cover unwanted gray, or if you wish to change your base color.
Add Dimensional Color (low lights/fashion colors) 5 per color
*Add Glaze to Color Service 15+
 A glaze may be added to your color service to tone highlights, refresh your ends, and add great shine!

Customized AVEDA conditioning treatment 45/50  if added to a service 25/35
Customized AVEDA conditioning treatments target the exact cause of dryness, breakage or lifeless hair, instantly adding a dose of 100% certified organic moisture to improve the hair's feel, texture and strength. Enjoy a relaxing scalp massage & hot towel as well!                  Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment 300+ 
Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatments are in-salon treatments that infuse natural keratin into the hair's cuticle, making hair more manageable, less frizzy, and reduces curl. Blow dry time is cut in half and the hair's integrity & strength is substantially improved leaving hair the shiniest & smoothest it has ever been. This life changing treatment lasts on average 5 months and takes 2-3 hours to complete in the salon. Hair cannot be washed or pulled back into a pony-tail for 72 hours following the treatment.
Keratin Complex Express Blowout 150+
The express blowout is less of a time commitment, as it takes about an hour to complete in the salon. Hair is left softer, smoother & healthier. The treatment lasts about 6 weeks, and guests are able to wash their hair in just 8 hours!
Chemical price based upon consultation
Permanent waving & curling is based upon consultation due to length & density.