Magnolia Jane Salon

An AVEDA & Organic Pure Care salon located in the heart of downtown New Bern

Salon Menu

Our talented team of stylists are dedicated to using the latest techniques and trends with the highest quality, plant-based products: AVEDA & Organic Pure Care.

Salon services are tailored to each guest's desired vision and may require varying techniques & products. Pricing shown is a baseline & may change according to hair density & length, product used as well as time, technique or the stylist that you see. We encourage & recommend a complimentary consultation to discuss your vision as well as time & cost commitments.

Magnolia Jane is committed to learning & growing within our team. We proudly have a stylist system with varied levels of experience that also provide different price points for our guests to chose from. All services performed by stylists-in-training, junior stylists and those growing in their career are performed in the salon under the supervision and guidance of senior stylists.

Below you will find our menu of salon prices, for a detailed description of each service please click here


salon Owner: 40 | artistic director: 33 | senior stylist: 30 | level III stylist: 24 | level I stylist: 18

salon owner: 90+ | artistic director: 70+ | senior stylist: 65+ | level III stylist: 55+ | level I stylist: 45+

Full head of extensions: 800 Half head of extensions for volume: 400
Extensions can also be customized to fit your preference by adding just a few in places you feel you need more fullness, pricing for customized placement is based on consultation.


Our haircut pricing includes a relaxing shampoo as well as a blowout. Please note that hair that is extra long or thick may require additional time and an additional charge may be added.

Women's Haircut:
Salon owner: 60 | artistic director: 48 | senior stylist: 45 | level III stylist: 35 | level I stylist: 22
Men's Haircut:
salon owner: 40 | artistic director: 25 | senior stylist: 22 | level III stylist: 20 | level I stylist: 17
Child's Haircut (age 13 and under)
artistic director: 33 | senior stylist: 30 | level III stylist: 20 | level I stylist: 15
Bang Trim: complimentary


Our stylists proudly use Organic Pure Care hair color from Italy. Its particular composition, rich in moisturizing, emollient and soothing ingredients, makes it a unique coloring line that combines micro pigments, Argan oil, Chamomile oil, Macadamia oil, Mallow oil, Silk Proteins and minimal ammonia (less than 2%). They also have an ammonia free line as well. Results are hair that appears nourished and natural with purity that promotes integrity, health and beauty of the hair and skin.
If you have previously been to an AVEDA salon we are able to convert your formula (or any other color line formula) into an OPC formula. If you request having only AVEDA color we are able to special order it for you after a consultation with your stylist. 

If you are a new guest we kindly ask that before your appointment you complete our online consultation form by clicking here.

All of our color prices include a haircut & blowout that do not need to be scheduled separately.
The following pricing is base starting price and may increase due to hair texture, type & density that may require additional product.
New Growth Retouch:
salon owner: 105 | Artistic director: 93 | senior stylist: 90 | level III stylist: 70 | level I stylist: 60
Partial Highlight:
salon owner: 120 | artistic director 95 | senior stylist 90 | level III stylist 80 | level ll stylist 75 | level I stylist 70
Full Highlight:
salon owner: 140 | artistic director: 115 | senior stylist: 110 | level III stylist: 87| level I stylist: 80 |
Balayage/Ombre (includes INCA treatment):
partial balayage:
salon owner: 200 | artistic director: 143 | senior stylist: 140 | level III stylist: 100 | level I stylist: 75
Full Balayage:(Includes INCA treatment):
salon owner: 225 | artistic director: 178 | senior stylist: 175 | level III stylist: 130 | level I stylist: 95
Glazing for balayage:
salon owner: 30 | artistic director: 20 |senior stylist: 20 | level III stylist: 15 | level I stylist: 10
Adding additional colors for balayage:
salon owner: 30 | artistic director: 20 | senior stylist: 20 | level III stylist: 15 | level I stylist: 10
Color Correction:
Pricing is based upon consultation
Adding a new growth retouch to a foil:
salon owner: 40 | artistic director: 23 | senior stylist: 20 | level III stylist: 15 | level I stylist: 10
Adding a lowlight color to a foil application:
salon owner: 15 | artistic director: 12 | senior stylist 10 | level III stylist: 8| level I stylist: 6
Adding a gloss/toner to a color service:
salon owner: 30 | artistic director: 17 | senior stylist: 15 | level III stylist: 10 | level I stylist: 10


Treatment pricing for salon owner & artistic director vary from standard pricing.

Organic Pure Care INCA Treatment:
Treatment only 25-50/ Added to service 10-30
Organic Pure Care Beauty Mask Treatment   
Treatment only 20-45 /  Added to service 8-20
Organic Pure Care Wellness Blend Treatment   
Treatment only 20-50 / Added to a service 10-30
Keratin Complex Express Smoothing Treatment:
artistic director: 170+ |senior stylist: 150+ | level II stylist: 105+ | junior stylist: 75+ | salon owner: 200+
Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment:
artistic director: 320+ | sr. stylist 300+ | level II stylist: 250 | junior stylist: 175 | salon owner: 350